Saturday, September 6, 2014


We welcome single sales or bulk sales. Please don't hesitate to contact us for pricing enquiries. We also do supply. Dealers are welcome.

We are importer and exporter for cosmetics and beauty injection products like :-

-Placenta Extract
-Live Cell Extract
-Vitamin C Injection
-Glutathione Injection
-Fat melting
-Whitening Injection

Our product are mainly imported from Switzerland, Italy, France, Japan, USA and Korea.

We don't just sell but we provide experienced advise to our potential customer, and promote healthy and correct usage of the product.

We sell reasonable pricing and shipment, aimed for grapping more business to help our company as well as other company to be growth together.

Please contact us on any interested product range on us, we will do the best to support our potential customer. We distribute local & world wide.

我們歡迎單一的銷售或散裝銷售。請不要猶豫與我們聯繫定價調查。我們也供應。 歡迎經銷商。

我們是美容注射產品的進口商和出口商,如: -

- 胎盘素
- 活細胞產品
- 维他命 C 針
- 穀胱甘肽針
- 局部减肥
- 瘦身
- 美白針
- 抗皺


我們不只是銷售,但我們提供經驗豐富的建議给我們的寶貴客戶,促進健康,正確 使用該產品。

我們合理的銷售價格和運輸,目的為擴展的業務,幫助我們的公司以及其他公司將 成長起來。

請與我們聯絡如對我們的產品感興趣,我們將盡力配合我們的寶貴客戶。我們批發 和零售本地及世界各地。

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