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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Biocell Placenta Extract / Biocell 胎盘素

Biocell Placenta Extract

Human placenta contains numerous nutrition and vitamins essentials for a fetus to grow, as a mother raise them through their placentas for about 10 months. Placenta Extracts is the formula that extracted from placenta of human. There are proteins, amino acid, vitamins and minerals which are beneficials to our body. The nutrition and vitamins extracted from the placenta is what we call 'The Placenta Extracts' which origin from Switzerland. When we take the Placenta Extracts continuously, the body will begin to exhibit major noticeable changes.....

Benefits From Human Placenta Extracts
  • Skin rejuvenation and anti-aging
  • Regenerated cells, tissues, and organs
  • Vast improvement in immune system
  • Finer skin texture and balanced toned color
  • Improvement in skin elasticity, thickness, reduction of wrinkles, lightening of facial pigmentation and refining of facial pores
  • Improvement in blood circulation
  • Enhancement in stamina and energy level of body
  • Boost up sexual drive with endurance and vitality
  • Delay in menopause, reduction in PMS problems...

Who Should Use Biocell Placenta Extracts?
Everybody. That is, if you are concerned about your health. It is especially useful for pregnant women who have abstained from the regular drugs for cough, cold or influenza. Patients who have undergone surgery or suffered major injuries and sickness could turn to Placenta Extracts for a speedy recovery. Men and women can use Placenta Extracts to slow down the aging process for healthy living and the perfect concomitant of a beautiful life.

Biocell Placenta Extracts is a clear discernment liquid with a pH of 6.8 to 7.0 with an osmotic pressure ratio to physical saline of 1.

Effectiveness Of Product
The benefits of Biocell Placenta Extracts can last from several month to several years, depending greatly on receiver's age and general condition.

Packaging Of Product
Biocell Placenta Extracts in a box of  50 ampoules or 10 ampoules, 2ml per ampoule. Each ampoule of 2ml suspension of human placenta (50%) with a constant concentration of 1mg N2/ml, diluted in Sodium Chloride solution.

It is recommended that 2 ampoules every 2 days, (intramuscular/intravenous) for a period of 25 days. The effect of Placenta Extracts is highly relies on the individual's age and health condition. Effects can be seen as fast as one week in some patients and may take as much as 60 days in others.

Maintenance Program
After which, if a patient wishes to embark on a maintenance program, 1 or 2 ampoules should be used weekly, depending on your personal requirement.

During treatment of Biocell Placenta Extracts, you can continue with your daily routine. However, to maximize the effect of Placenta Extracts, it is advise that you get sufficient sleep, consume healthy food and sufficient water, exercise regularly and prevent excessive consumption of alcohol.

Clinically Proven Effects:
  • Restores youth quality (prevent ageing)
  • Prevents the hardening of liver
  • Prevents and improves bloating, rashes, black spot and freckle
  • Improves the effect of anemia
  • Relieves the discomfort due to menopause
  • Relieves the diabetic conditions
  • Revitalize the body during illness and after recuperation
  • Enhances the healing of skin membrane and wounds
  • Relieves cold feet and piles
  • Relieves kidney ailment
  • Relieves hypertension
  • Relieves the inflammation for stomach and duodenum
  • Relieves gum disease
  • Relieves constipation
  • Eliminates body odor
  • Invigorates the body
  • Improves sexual desire and prevent impotence
  • Strengthens the body resistance against diseases
Price : Please contact for price quoting. 

Biocell 胎盘素

人胎盤含有大量的營養和維生素,是對胎兒成長的必需品。胎盘素是從人類胎盤中提取的。有蛋白質,氨基酸,維生素和礦物質,有利於我們的身體。維生素和營養從胎盤中提取就是我們所說的'胎盘素',來自瑞士。當我們不斷採取胎盘素,身體會開始展出顯著的變化 .....


  • 皮膚再生和抗衰老
  • 再生細胞,組織和器官
  • 大幅度地改善免疫系統
  • 精細的皮膚紋理和色彩平衡的色調
  • 改善皮膚彈性,厚度,減少皺紋,減輕面部色素沉著和完善的面部毛孔
  • 改善血液循環
  • 增強在體力和身體能量水平
  • 提高性慾耐力和活力
  • 延遲更年期,減少經前綜合症的問題 ...


Biocell胎盘素是一個明顯的鑑別力液體,pH值6.8至7.0與滲透壓比身體生理鹽水 1。


Biocell胎盘素的50安瓿或10安瓿,每安瓿2毫升。每安瓿的懸浮液2毫升人胎盤(50%),以恆定濃度 1毫克N2/ml,稀釋氯化鈉溶液。

建議在每2天2針劑,(肌肉注射/靜脈注射),為期 25天。在胎盘素的影響依於個人的年齡和健康狀況。效果可以被看作是快一個星期在一些患者可能需要多達 60天的人。



臨床證明效果 :

  • 恢復青少年素質(防止老化)
  • 阻止肝臟硬化
  • 防止和改善腹脹,皮疹,黑斑和雀斑
  • 改善貧血
  • 減輕了因更年期不適
  • 減輕了糖尿病症狀
  • 振興身體在疾病和康復後
  • 增強皮膚癒合和傷口

  • 減輕冷腳和痔
  • 減輕腎臟病
  • 減輕高血壓
  • 減輕對胃和十二指腸炎症
  • 減輕牙齦疾病
  • 解除便秘
  • 消除狐臭
  • 身體注入活力
  • 改進性慾和預防陽痿
  • 增強人體抵抗疾病



Japan NC24 Vitamin C + Collagen Extract / 日本 NC24 维他命C+植物胶原蛋白

Japan NC24 Vitamin C + Collagen Extract

As we know Vitamin C is highly publicized for its well known function, yet there are many of us not fully aware of its benefits, The advantages of taking Vitamin C injection is:-

1 Aims in producing Collagen, which is connective tissue of our skin, bone, ligament, tendons, joints and organ support.

2 Surpasses formation of ‘Melanin’ contributing to dark spot after long exposure to UVA/UVB.

3 Reduces our facial skin lines or wrinkles. This is because it aims in producing the collagen, which is important to make our skin firm and provides elasticity.

4 Reduces the appearance of pimples/ acne/ blemishes and minimized pores. It improves the skin smoother texture.

5 Prevent scurvy, which is a kind of Vitamin C – deficiency.

6 Increases body immune system. At a higher dose is believed to have the property of antihistamine.

Product Description:
This Japan NC24 Vitamin C + Collagen Extract is originally imported from Japan. Each box contains 10 x 1.25gram of vitamin c + 0.35gram collagen extract /5ml.

Recommended Dosage:
One or two ampoules/injection every week for 1 or 2 months (*depends to your body metabolism). Then can reduce the dosage to 1 injection every 2 weeks for maintainance. Suggest inject with Glutathione to get best result.

Injection Method:
This product is administered by intravenously (IV)

Not Suitable For:

- Breast feeder.
- Injection on women period.
- Allergy to vitamin (any kind).
- Patient with cardiovascular problem 

Price : Please contact for price quoting. 

日本 NC24 维他命C+植物胶原蛋白

我們都知道了维他命C其眾所周知的作用,但還有許多我們沒有充分認識到它的好處,用維生素C注射液的優勢是: -


2。超過長期暴露於紫外線 A /紫外線B形成的黑色素'造成黑斑經過。


4。减少粉刺/青春痘 和缩小毛孔。它改善皮膚光滑質感。

5。防止壞血病,這是一種維生素 C。


这日本 NC24 维他命C+植物胶原蛋白是從日本原裝進口。每盒有 10 x 1.25克 维他命C + 0.35克 植物胶原蛋白/5毫升。
每週一個或兩個針劑 /注射。一或两個月(*取決於你的身體新陳代謝)。然後,為保養,可以每2週注射以一劑量。推薦配合穀胱甘肽注射得到最好的美白結果。


3-对维他命C 敏感人士 (打针前请向医生确认)


Cell Roma Lightening Vitamin C / Cell Roma 美白维他命C

Cell Roma Lightening Vitamin C

Benefit of Vitamin C

Most people associate Vitamin C with fighting off cold and flu viruses, but one of its main functions is in skin health and the production of collagen. Collagen is responsible for wound healing, a healthy appearance, helps prevent wrinkles and aging of the skin, it's also the glue that holds cells together so it's extremely important for cell structure. It's the main protein structure in connective tissue. Collagen makes up about 30% of the body's protein content.

We know that many women have collagen injections to help saggy under eye skin and to plump lips. It could be if those people added extra Vitamin C to their daily nutrient intake, they could avoid some of those costly injections. Collagen is also used to help reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles.

Many bed-ridden patients suffer from bed sores and abscesses. A study at the Human Tissue Reconstruction Institute in Chicago conducted a test many years ago and concluded that Vitamin C is highly effective in treating these maladies when other conventional treatments didn't work.

Product Description:
This Cell Roma Lightening Vitamin C is originally imported from Italy. Each box contains 10 x 500mg of Vitamin C.

• Cell Roma controls 3 genes (Pro a1, a2, a3) located in various chromosomes and that code for synthesis of procollagen. It stimulates collagen synthesis and appears crucial for the healing/ regeneration processes and wound repair.
• Patients with inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, which involve the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), exhibit low Vitamin C concentrations.
Topical application of Cell Roma demonstrates photoprotective properties and modifications of skin relief and ultrastructure, suggesting a positive role in the prevention and treatment of skin ageing.
• Photoprotective effects. Cell Roma can rescue keratinocytes from UV-mediated cytotoxicity and UV-induced skin cancer.
• Inhibitory effect on melanogenesis: its antityrosinase and antioxidant activities makes it effective in reducing skin hyperpigmentation (melasma).

Anti ageing (photo ageing), protection against oxidation by UV rays, melasma, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, skin healing enhancement and hair loss.

One or two ampoules/injection every week for 1 or 2 months (*depends to your body metabolism). Then can reduce the dosage to 1 injection every 2 weeks for maintainance. Combined with collagen injection is greatly reduces wrinkles. Or combined with Tationil Glutathione for a better whitening effect.

10ampoule x 5ml 

Injection Method:
This product is administered by intravenously (IV)

Not Suitable For:
  • Breast feeder.  
  • Injection on women period.  
  • Allergy to vitamin (any kind).  
  • Patient with cardiovascular problem 

Price : Please contact for price quoting.

Cell Roma 美白维他命C

大多數人贊同維生素C能對抗感冒和流感病毒,但它的一個主要功能是在皮膚健康和生產膠原蛋白。膠原蛋白是負責傷口癒合,一個健康的外觀,有助於防止皺紋和皮膚老化,也是細胞粘合在一起的膠水,使它對細胞結構極為重要的。它是結締組織的主要蛋白質結構。膠原蛋白佔了大約 30%的人體蛋白質含量。



這Cell Roma 美白维他命C是從意大利原裝進口。每盒有10 × 500毫克的维他命C。

•Cell Roma 控制三個基因(A1, A2, A3)位於不同染色體上,而且代碼合成膠原。它刺激膠原蛋白的合成,看來至關重要的癒合 /再生過程和創面修復。

•皮膚炎症疾病的患者,如過敏性皮膚炎和牛皮癬,涉及發電活性氧(ROS),展现低濃度的維生素 C。

•應用Cell Roma表明保護性能和修改皮膚和緩解超微結構,在預防和治療皮膚老化提出了積極的作用。

•光保護作用。Cell Roma可以拯救細胞角質形成細胞不受紫外線介導的細胞毒性和紫外線引起的皮膚癌。



每週一個或兩個針劑 /注射。一或两個月(*取決於你的身體新陳代謝)。然後,為保養,可以每2週注射以一劑量。推薦配合穀胱甘肽注射得到最好的美白結果。


3-对维他命C 敏感人士 (打针前请向医生确认)



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