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Monday, December 6, 2010

Japan Tranexamic Acid 250mg/ 日本氨甲環酸 250mg

Japan Tranexamic Acid

This product is produced by the Japanese discovery R & D in Japan, widely used in dermatology for the treatment of liver spots. For 2006 World's most advanced new biochemical whitening ingredient in Japan. Hit 10 million sets of amazing record of 6-month listing in Japan, and include almost all the major cosmetic whitening magazine's annual awards.

Does not contain hormones that have side effects on the body composition, almost all Asia celebrities keep using this method of skin whitening and gloss.

Skin color is depends on the primarily color of the skin basal cell melanin particles (tyrosine enzyme) in the amount of tyrosine enzyme is usually brown or brown-black.

This product is tyrosine inhibitors can basically blocking melanin synthesis, thereby control the function of epidermal cells Peutz-site confusion, completely cut off due to ultraviolet radiation and the formation of melanin, so that spots do not thicken, expand and increase. So, as to effectively prevent and improve skin pigmentation.

Suitable For:

  • Chloasma, dark spots, sunburn. 
  • Whole body whitening needs, an improvement in the overall dull complexion. 
  • Relieve postoperative (such as laser, all kinds of phototherapy) the phenomenon of a temporary anti-redness. 
  • Needs to fade out acne scars and physical scars pigmentation. 
  • Addition to the above Whitening effect, this product also has anti-oxidant and anti-allergic effects.

Product Description:
This Tranexamic Acid is originally imported from Japan. Each box contains 10x250mg.

Recommended Dosage And Usage:
1 injection per ampoules every week for 1 or 2 months (*depends to your body metabolism). Then can reduce the dosage to 1 injection every month for maintainance.

Injection Method:
This product is administered by intravenously (IV)

Drug incompatibility
~ Don't take together with penicillin
~ Don't take birth control pills and estrogen will taking this product.

Not Suitable For:
Breast feeder.
Injection on women period.
Allergy to vitamin (any kind).
Patient with cardiovascular problem

Price : Please contact for price quoting. 






* 黄褐斑、黑斑、晒斑。
* 有全身性美白需求者,改善整体暗沉肤色。
* 舒缓术后(如镭射、各种彩光)暂时性反黑现象。
* 需要淡化青春痘疤痕及身体疤痕的色素沉淀。
* 除以上美白淡斑作用外,本品还具有抗氧化及抗过敏作用。 


- 静脉注射(IV), 打点滴或普通注射,打点滴需要15~45分钟
- 3天注射1次, 每次各1个剂量
- 3到4次就可以见到效果, 但需根据个人体质而定
- 1盒以后, 每月可注射1~2剂维持





Sunday, October 31, 2010

Biocell H-Ultracell

Biocell H-Ultracell

The "Institute of Biological Research" of Biocell Ultravital has worked tirelessly  on cellular, hormonal and enzymotherapy treatments and devoted many years to a research that have been capturing an enormous interest among the Scientific community. Their rather controversial treatments have been braking through the field because they have been proven to be effective. Th "Institute of Biological Research" of Biocell Ultravital subscribes the approaches taken by prestigious research centers in Europe and the United States, regarding the vital importance of hormones and enzymes within physiological reactions and their contribution to a satisfactory or otherwise poor systematic functioning of our body.

Based on such scientific concepts, the extracts of embryonic tissues included in H-Ultracell have become richer. Enzymes make "assimilation" easier for the body and substantially improve induction abilities. But we certainly go further than that - we make our extracts even richer by incorporating aminoacids, which favors the development of living cellular tissue. Finally, we include hormonal inductors, which are so specific and vital for regenerating human body that the result must be necessarily the end of the human body deterioration. Today, aging is considered a disease that gets worse as time goes by. That is why H-Ultracell, our Anti-aging vaccine, is that encouraging answer everybody has been waiting for.

What Is Exactly The H-Ultracell?
In lay terms, is an injection of hundred of millions of cell and tiny cellular groups. An estimate of 50 millions cells die within our body each second and are replaced by a similar number cells. However, when we are sick or get prematurely old, both the quality and number of said replacement cells decline: fresh cells replacing dead ones are not as good as they used to be. In the automobile industry, millions of  identical pieces are manufactured from templates or mold every day. What if one of these molds has a small dent or defect? Pieces will come out faulty.

The same happens with human body. When an organ - skin, liver, heart, spine, for instance- gets injured or damaged by toxins, infections, illness, nicotine or alcohol, cells will not come out the same, they will not be what they used to be. Here is what H-Ultracell does - giving damaged organs and tissues a new cellular mold from which they will work and manufacture the corresponding organ.

Why Don't We Take A Look To The Fundamentals Effect Of H-Ultracell?
General revitalization or regeneration -a dream came true only after years of research and clinical trials- through injections of cells from fetal tissue, Thanks to a high concentration of amino acids, H-Ultracell delays the aging of the mental processes, improving the "brain fuel". For all these reasons, H-Ultracell means a great influence on the cellular metabolism.

An H-Ultracell based treatment, our Anti-aging vaccine, guarantees 85% health- improvement for people in the "middle age", changes that will become evident in their physical, mental and internal condition. H-Ultracell will improve the physical condition of "senior" people in at least 70% and important changes will be noticed: skin tone, capillary growth, darker hair, less porous fingernails, increase of the muscular mass (without exercises), regeneration of bone density (for preventing osteoporosis), stimulation of immune system (for preventing illness), decrease of excess fat (cholesterol and triglyceride) and improved absorption of nutrients.

Biocell Ultravital, through H-Ultracell, is a pioneer in this original method of approaching body rejuvenation. H-Ultracell is also a fundamental carrier of Hormone Inductors. With an exclusive formula, our product will return the body to a young-adult level.

Today, different hormones are being used with huge success both in USA and Europe. Scientific studies endorsing this are growing in number in the field of Regenerative Medicine.

H-Ultracell makes cells coming from an organ to act upon the same organ once in the recipient's body -heart cells will work on recipient's heart, liver cells will work on recipient's liver and so on.

During the last 5 years, H-Ultracell has been proven effective for:
  • Improving the tone of the skin and stimulating capillary and nail growth
  • Preventing the aging of the skin
  • Revitalizing body functions and restores the balance of the treated organ
  • Increasing resistance to stress
  • Improves cardiac performance and renal function, as well as the functions of liver, spleen and other organs which become weaker with age
  • Reducing blood pressure, raises good cholesterol (HDL) and reduces the bad cholesterol (LDL)
  • Improving memory
  • Improving the quality of sleep and tolerance before the problem of allergy
  • Preventing osteoporosis, stimulating and controlling libido both in men and women
  • Stimulates blood vessels and accelerates recovery from wounds
  • Successfully treating anemia of any origin and stimulating the growth hormone (which make the patient younger)
We Can Summarize H-Ultracell indications as follows :
  • Sub-functioning of endocrine glands, which comprises underdeveloped genital organs, menstrual disturbances, infertility, premature menopause, obesity of glandular origin, diabetes due to advanced age, hypotension and impotence
  • Premature aging with loss of vitality
  • Chronic degenerative diseases including poor circulation in limbs, inadequate
  • General weakness and predisposition to degenerative diseases
  • In disorders of the integral development, such as minor forms of mental retardation and cerebral infections.  
Each vial of H-Ultracell contains 500mg of lyophilized powder comprising 300mg fresh fetus tissue from unborn sheep and 200mg of L-glutamine, L-arginine, L-Pyroglutamate, GABA, L-glycine, L-lysine, Seleginile hydrochlorhydrate, Acetil-l-carnitine, co-enzyme Q10, Procaine KH3, essential enzymes, glycine and mannintol. The extraction and tissue processing are done preserving its biological integrity. No addictives are used.

The 3ml solvent contains 150mg of amino acid, human placenta and stabilizers for diluting lyophilized powder before applying the injection (deep, intramuscular, and gluteal). The injection is painless.

No adverse reactions have been observed in any case at the recommended doses. However, H-Ultracell must not be applied when vaccines have been administered within the last 30 days; in cases of evident intolerance to protein compounds exist (previous tests are necessary) or chronic infections (tonsillitis, vesicle or teeth). Patients with diabetes family history and patients with diabetes: Treat before administering H-Ultracell. This product may safely combined with other medicines.

Side Effect
Sometimes large big aureoles may appear on the injection area.

Dissolve the lyophilized content of one vial with the diluent contained in a specially-designed syringe containing 3ml of a placental compound of 150mg. Prepare the injection and administer through deep intramuscular injection. H-Ultracell treatment is painless for it contains only natural biological material. A one-day rest after each treatment session is recommended (no exercising allowed until next day, limited to moderate exercises). Restrictions on smoking and drinking for some days are recommended (the longer the better).

Recommended Dosage
We recommend you to be "vaccinated" every year to control the process of ageing.
* For men and women in the age of 30-45 years, 1 box with 4 vials of H-Ultracell, which must be injected in the course of 4 consecutive weeks (one vial per week).
* For men and women in the age of 46-60 years, 2 boxes of H-Ultracell (8 vials), whichmust be injected in the course of 8 consecutive weeks (one vial per week).
* For men and women over 61 years, 3 boxes of H-Ultracell (12 vials), which must be injected in the course of 12 consecutive weeks (one vial per week).

H-Ultracell of Biocell Ultravital comes in a specially designed case of expanded polystyrene to protect it from temperature changes. Includes 4 vials with lyophilized material and 4 syringes with 3ml each. The protective band and the sealed box guarantee the purity and quality of the product. 

Keep in cool dry place. H-Ultracell may be stored at room temperature between 5°C and 25°C. Refrigeration is not necessary. Do not use after expiration date or if the guarantee cover has been removed.

Price : Please contact for price quoting.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Norefal Placenta Oil + Vitamin E

This product only supply in bulk. Minimum order 20 bottle.

Norefal Placenta Oil + Vitamin E

Norefal is renowned for its unique Swiss Cell Therapeutic products. With advance bio-technological research and development, you are assured of superb product unrivalled in quality and innovation.

Norefal Placenta Oil + Vitamin E, is a unique silky lotion that is specially formulated to provide extra nutrition to all skin types. When used daily, it will keep your skin smooth and supple and helps rejuvenate its overall appearance.
  • REGENERATES dermal tissues and regains skin firmness and suppleness.
  • TRANSPORTS active substances into the skin to protect the cellular membrane from free-radical induced damages while moisturising.
  • ACCELERATES the regeneration of new skin cells, making the skin soft and supple with a natural glow again.
Usage :
* Snip tip of gel cap
* Apply 1 or 2 times daily on face and neck/body after cleansing
* Store in cool dry place

Main Ingredients :
Ovine Placenta Oil, Water, Tocopherol, Fragrance. 

Price : Please contact for price quoting.

Monday, September 27, 2010

How To Pay With Credit Card

This is the step how you can make payment with credit card.

1. Click on the link located in the email sent by Paypal.

2. On the Invoice page, click continue. ( as in the picture )

3. Click Continue to pay with your credit card. ( as in the picture )

4. Key in your information and click "Review Order And Continue". ( as in the picture )

5. Done.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kuhra Vitae Hyal-C

Kuhra Vitae Hyal-C

Laboratories Kuhra Vitae Dermapharma is a swiss organization that has devoted decades to the investigation, research and development of products to improve the health and appearance of men and women, particularly to preventive, and corrective anti-aging treatments for the skin.

Kuhra Vitae Hyal-C is indicated for the followings:
  • Treatment of ascorbic acid deficiency especially frank scurvy and knee osteoarthritis.
  • Protects skin from damages cause by free radicals and UV lights.
  • Inhibits the formation of melanin pigment and provides whitening effect.
  • Improves skin hydration and elasticity by providing high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (Collagen).
  • Reduces pimples/ acne/ blemishes and minimize pores.
Product Description:
This Kuhra Vitae Hyal-C is originally import from Switzerland. Each box contains 10 vials sterile freeze-dried pellet of 1500mg Ascorbic Acid and 350mg Hyaluronic Acid.

Recommended Dosage:
1 or 2 vials/injections every week for 1 or 2 months (*Depends to your metabolism). Then can reduce the dosage to 1 injection every 2 weeks for maintenance. Recommended to use with Kuhra Vitae Essentialle for better effect.

Method Of Administration:
This product can be administer by IM (Intramuscular) or IV (Intravenous).

Not Suitable For:
* Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
* In individuals with a know hypersensitivity to any constituents of the formulation.
* Children

Price : Please contact for price quoting.

Kuhra Vitae Hyal-C

Kuhra Vitae Dermapharma實驗室是一個瑞士機構,幾十年來一直致力於調查,研究和開發產品,提高男性和女性的健康和外觀,特別是預防和糾正抗衰老治療的皮膚。

Kuhra Vitae Hyal-C 被用於下列各項:

* 維生素 C缺乏症壞血病治療,尤其是坦率和膝關節骨關節炎。
* 保護皮膚免受自由基造成的損害和紫外

* 抑制黑色素的形成,並提供美白效果。
* 改善皮膚水分和彈性,提供超高分子量透明質酸(膠原蛋白)。
* 減少青春痘/粉刺/污

Kuhra Vitae Essentialle是從瑞士進口。每盒10瓶無菌凍乾球團1500mg維生素 C和350毫克透明質酸。

每週一個或兩個針劑 /注射。一或两個月(*取決於你的身體新陳代謝)。然後,為保養,可以每2週注射以一劑量。建議使Kuhra Vitae Essentialle一起用的美白效果更佳。

IM 肌肉注射 或 IV 靜脈注射。


* 妊娠和哺乳
* 在個人與一個已知的任何成分過敏的制定。
* 兒童


Kuhra Vitae Essentialle

Kuhra Vitae Essentialle

Laboratories Kuhra Vitae Dermapharma is a swiss organization that has devoted decades to the investigation, research and development of products to improve the health and appearance of men and women, particularly to preventive, and corrective anti-aging treatments for the skin.

Kuhra Vitae Essentialle is indicated for the followings:
  • Treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's multiple sclerosis, stroke, ALS, irritable bowel and chronic fatigue.
  • Helps to recycle vitamin C & E.
  • Blocks free radical damage.
  • Enhances the anti-oxidant activity of vitamin C.
  • Facilitates the transport of amino acids.
  • Detoxification of harmful compounds.
  • Helps to form collagen in connective tissue.
  • Reduces the occurrence of loss of bone density in postmenopausal women.
  • Lower LDL cholesterol levels in the blood.
Product Description:
This Kuhra Vitae Essentialle is originally import from Switzerland. Each box contains 10 vials sterile freeze-dried pellet of 1000mg Glutathione and 250mg Hesperidin Complex.

Recommended Dosage:
1 or 2 vials/injections every week for 1 or 2 months (*Depends to your metabolism). Then can reduce the dosage to 1 injection every 2 weeks for maintenance. Recommended to use with Kuhra Vitae Hyal-C for better effect.

Method Of Administration:

Friday, June 25, 2010

Norefal Cell Therapy (Soft Gel Capsules)

Norefal Cell Therapy

Now, you can too experience the anti-aging power of Cell Therapy for the first time here with Norefal Cell Therapy. The Swiss Cellular Therapy renowned for its anti-aging, tissue regeneration and rejuvenation properties.

Norefal Soft Gel Capsules is designated to pass through the stomach and reach the lower intestines where it is absorbed directly into your blood stream.

The cells are conserved in hi-tech proven technique to remain biologically active without damaging the effectiveness of the cells. The exact dosage of cell preparations is accurately measured and sterility controlled.

Because you deserve to look and feel young, Norefal Cell Therapy now make it so much easier for you to have beautiful skin, more vitality and improved health.

How Does Cell Therapy Work?
Cell Therapy technique is organ specific, that is the cell of a particular organ is used to revitalize the cell of the like organ e.g. when the cells implanted originated from the thymus glands of the donor, it will find its way to the thymus glands of the recipient. Thus, heart to heart & liver to liver. This landmark research in the 1970's, at the University of Heidelberg, demonstrated by radioactive marking and tracing of cells proved that cellular material was indeed transported by the human host's blood to counterpart organs and tissues.

Cell Therapy helps your body system to heal on its own by revitalizing and stimulating cells renewal. Cell Therapy technique is organ specific, that is the cell of a particular organ is used to revitalize the cell of the like organ e.g. when the cells implanted originated from the thymus glands of the donor, it will find its way to the thymus glands of the recipient.

Researches also discovered that when new cells are added, they have stronger resonant (vibration) to induce the old and weak or any damage cells to re-vibrate to the same frequency as young healthy cells again. As a result, there is restoration and renewal of cells.

What Can You Expect From Cell Therapy?
The following are some of the beneficial effects :-
  • Improved stamina and energy level.
  • Vast improvement in mental alertness.
  • Fairer skin texture and more even tone color.
  • Reduction of lines and wrinkles.
  • Deeper and relaxing sleep.
  • Better mobility of limbs.
  • Slimmer and healthier physique.
  • Improvement in blood circulation.
  • Vast improvement in immune system against disease.
  • Elimination of constipation.
  • Reduction of chronic pains, migraine, headaches, neuralgia, back pain etc.
  • Improved libido, potency with endurance and vitality.

Q : When should a person consider Cellular Therapy?
A : Those experiencing physical exhaustion, or exhibiting symptoms of premature aging, degenerative diseases and a general loss of vitality should give Norefal Cell Therapy serious consideration.

Q : Can Norefal Cell Therapy promote better cardiovascular health?
A : Norefal Cell Therapy has a positive effect on arteriosclerosis. It is also beneficial for other disorder such as menopause syndrome, respiratory and chronic indigestion.

Q : Will Norefal Cell Therapy make you feel better?
A : You will experience a remarkable improvement in your health, energy levels and mental alertness. Skin will be more fine, supple and less wrinkled. There will be other wonderful biochemical changes in your body as well.

Q : What is the best age to start taking Norefal Cell Therapy?
A : There is no specific age group. Young people can take it to prevent premature aging, while the older people can take it to improve their health and vitality.

Q : Is there any side effects with Cell Therapy?
A : Cell Therapy has been practiced in anti-aging clinics in Switzerland for over 70 years, without a single reported case of any kind.

Q : Who has used Cell Therapy?
A : Many celebrities such as Gloria Swanson, Somerset Maughan, Presidents, Dwight & Mamie Eisenhower, Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaule, royal family, movie stars from USA, Hong Kong & Taiwan and even the Pope Pius XII were one of the 8 million people around the world who has used Cell Therapy safely.

Q : When can i see visible result after the therapy?
A : Depending on the affliction, the effects of Cell Therapy are usually apparent 3 to 6 weeks after treatment, in some cases later. Each individual will respond differently.

Q : Is the therapy effect long-lasting?
A : Yes. Depending on your lifestyle, the effect can usually last for 2-3 years.

Product Description:
This Norefal Cell Therapy is originally imported from Switzerland. Each box contains 30 softgel capsules.

Food Supplement only.

Composition per capsule : 
* Lyophilised Ovine (Sheep) Placenta Extract - 187.50mg =  Fresh Placenta 3750mg
* Thiamine Nitrate - 0.7mg (Vitamin B1)
* Niacin - 4mg (Vitamin B3)
* Nicotinamide - 5mg
* Ascorbic Acid - 40mg (Vitamin C)
* Calcium Pantothenate - 3mg
* Iodine - 75mcg
* Cyanocobalamin - 0.75mcg (Vitamin B12)
* Biotin - 80mcg (Vitamin B7)
* Folic Acid - 100mcg
* Riboflavin - 0.8mg (Vitamin B2)
* Beta-carotene 30% Synth - 1.8mg
* Alpha-tocopherol Acetate - 7.5 i.u (Vitamin E)
* Selenium - 25mcg
* Lycopene - 1.5mg
* Garlic Oil - 10mg
* Grape Seed Extract - 15mg
* Borrage Oil - 25mg
* Acerola Extract - 40mg

Recommended Dosage:
A softgel capsule a day, preferably half-hour before meal.

Depending upon individual lifestyle, the beneficial effect of Norefal Cell Therapy can last between 6 to 8 months after its consumption. It is important to repeat the treatment thereafter so as to maintain the sparkle of life.

Norefal Cell Therapy is NOT A DRUG but is solely a nutritional supplement of the highest quality. Norefal Cell Therapy is very safe and can be used simultaneously with any other vitamins or nutritional supplements. 

Safe for long term consumption. Certified hormone-free and heavy metal-free.

Price : Please contact for price quoting. 

About Cell Therapy

What is Cell Therapy?

The basic theory behind cell therapy was stated best by Paracelsus, a 16th-century physician who wrote: "Heart heals the heart, lung heals lung, spleen heals spleen; like cures like." Paracelsus and many other early physicians believed that the best way to treat illness was to use living tissue to rebuild and revitalize ailing or aging tissue. Modern orthodox medicine lost sight of this method, so it now uses chemicals to interrupt or override living processes. While chemicals and drugs work only until they are broken down by the body's metabolic processes, cell therapy has a long-term effect, because it stimulates the body's own healing and revitalizing powers.

Doctors who practice cell therapy believe that cell therapy acts like an organ transplant and actually makes the old cells to "act younger". This biological "lesson" is not quickly forgotten by the cells.
In Europe, the effectiveness of cell therapy is widely accepted. In West Germany, for example, more than 5,000 German physicians regularly administer cell therapy injections. A great proportion of those injections are funded by the West German social security system. Several million patients the world over have received cell therapy injections since the mid-1950's.

How Does Cell Therapy Work?

Let's be aware that cell therapy is practiced every day all over the world. Blood transfusion and the transfusion  of various other blood components, such as red blood cells, white blood cells, blood platelets, is actually a form of cell therapy where the acceptance has been uniformly widespread. Less commonly, implant of the cells of the thymus have been utilized-essentially without as much as the wink of the eye of the medical authorities.

Cell therapy is actually an implantation by injection of xenogenic (of animal origin) fetal or juvenile suspensions of cells or tissues in physiological solution.
No one knows exactly how cell therapy works. Basically, cell therapy is transplanting an organ; but instead of actually transplanting an organ, you are transplanting the cells of an organ. The transplanted cells then somehow bring about the revitalization of their corresponding organs.

We do not know all that there is yet to know about cell therapy. But we do know that the implantation by injection has the following advantages over conventional procedure of surgical transplant:

1. Implantation of cells by injection brings about a rapid dispersion of the cell material all over the body.

2. The cells are not injured due to lack of blood supplies during the dispersion, which is very commonly the reason for the death of cells after the organ transplant.

3. Since the cells are injected in the form of suspensions, a rapid incorporation into the metabolic processes of the body occurs.

4. Organs that are impossible to transplant (such as the brain or some of the endocrine glands) or very difficult to transplant (such as kidneys, heart, or liver) can be implanted in the form of cells very easily.

5. Fetal tissues, with their higher biological potencies, are implanted in the recipient and used at various sites in the body. The recipient organism itself controls and carries out a selective incorporation of the various fetal cells.

Transplanting an entire organ is impractical, for several reasons. Your immune system might reject any transplanted organ. And who is going to risk trading an "old" organ or gland that is nonetheless functioning for a "new" one that might totally fail if the transplant doesn't work? Thus, organ transplant today are limited to hopeless situations only.

If the body's immune system rejects entire transplanted organs, is there also the possibility that it will reject the individuals cells?

Very little. The fact is that the body usually accepts the individual cells injected during cell therapy. Again, we don't know exactly why.
Perhaps this is so because cell therapy uses embryonic cells, whose immunological makeup is still incomplete. Whatever the reason, we do know the cells do somehow get by the body's immune system.
But that's not all. Not only do they get into the body, they also go straight to their corresponding organs. Liver cells go to the liver, spleen cells go to the spleen, sex gland cells go to the sex glands, and so on. Scientific studies, in which these glandular substances were tagged with radioisotopes before injection, have proved that the injected (and ingested) cells do find their way to the specific corresponding organ.

Once the cells have found their way to the target organs or glands, do they have the power to do any good?

The answer to that appears to be Yes, too. Independent studies by cellular biologists have discovered that a single cell from a specific organ contains the information needed to rebuild the entire organ or gland.

Scientist extracted kidney, skin, and liver cells from chick embryos. After processing them in much the same way the cells are processed for the cell therapy, they were reinjected into the membrane of an egg. The cells developed into their specific organs.

Other independent research by scientists who were not cell therapists, and who were not investigating cell therapy, has arrived at many of the same conclusions used to explain cell therapy.

First of all, they have established that embryonic tissue has the greatest growth stimulating effect. This make sense. Young living things always contain more "life force" than mature ones.

Secondly, they have confirmed that the growth stimulating effect of live cells is definitely organ specific but not species specific. This means that liver cells will only stimulate the growth of liver cells, but they will do so no matter what animal the cells come from.

Finally, it has been demonstrated that unwanted, or unnecessary, cells are rejected without doing harm to the body.

Two major theories explain how cells bring about revitalization of ailing or aging organ. One theory says that the genetic information contained in the RNA and DNA of the "old" cells is defective, because of either age or disease. Perhaps the old cells' genetic codes have developed gaps or incorrect bits of information. This cellular genetic misinformation causes the cells to reproduce inefficiently. The new cells do not look or function as well as they should.

Along comes the fresh, young cells, with their fresh genetic information contained in their DNA and RNA. This theory says that the new cells carry the correct genetic message to the old cells. The new cells replaced the misinformation with the proper original genetic codes. The mistakes are corrected and the gaps filled. Once the correct information is in place, the organ or gland begins to function correctly - as if it, too, were as "young" as the donor cells.

The second theory is simpler. It explains the aging of the cells in much the same way: As we age, our cells gradually lose their ability to function precisely as they were intended. This theory, however, does not bother with genetic codes. It says that the mere presence of the fresh cells stimulates secretions that activate the aging or diseased cells to get back on the track and function properly.

The implantation provides the recipient organisms with a great number of biochemical substrates and enzymes that are found in very high concentrations and unique composition in the fetal and juvenile cells and tissues.

What Can You Expect From Cell Therapy?

Dr. Niehans stated the ultimate aim of cell therapy in this way: "What I am striving after is not only to give more years to life but especially to give more life to years." Niehan's aim was to "make all the organs struck by old age capable once more of functioning properly and, at the same time, bring fresh strength to the whole body by revitalization of the sex gland."

The problem that cell therapy is designed to solve include the following:
  • General loss of vitality
  • Physical and mental exhaustion
  • Convalescence after illness
  • Premature aging
  • Signs of deterioration of the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, liver, and digestive organs
  • Lack of drive and declining mental efficiency
  • Weakness of the immune system
  • Arthritis and other degenerative diseases of the connective tissue
  • Underfunction of the endocrine glands
  • Disturbances of menopause
  • Parkinsonism
  • Chronic pain, migraine, headaches, neuralgia, back pain, sciatica, artherosclerosis of the brain, heart, and peripheral circulation
Cell therapy successfully revitalizes and extends youth. Cell therapists see their patients' skin tone and complexion improve, their vitality increase, their youthful optimism and energy return, and various other infirmities of aging much improve.

Dr. Niehans used cell therapy for alot more than youth extension. He used live cell injections not only to regenerate diseased or aged organs but also to stimulate development of underdeveloped or retarded organs. In fact, Niehans's successful treatment of dwarfism provided him with some of his earliest notoriety in the United States.

The basic therapeutic effect of cell therapy was described Dr. Niehans as "organotropic cellular regeneration in the impaired organs." In other words, the therapy stimulated the disease and aging-damaged organs to regenerate. This restoration usually takes anywhere from three to six months after the injections.

Doctors who use cell therapy have reported that atherosclerosis patients also benefit. In a study performed on laboratory rats, cell therapy increased the residual pliability of aorta tissue to the extent that when stretched, it returned to its original shape much faster. This is a characteristic of younger tissue.

Experiments on connective tissue have shown that cell therapy can increase the strength and pliability of this important structural elements of the body. The youthful appearance of your skin is determined in large part by the health of your connective tissue. But that's not all. How youthfully your joints, muscles, and blood vessels function also depends on the condition of your connective tissue. Since the success of several cosmetic surgery operations depends upon the strength and elasticity of the skin, a course of cell therapy before rejuvenating surgery is a good idea for older patients whose skin has lost its elasticity.

Norefal Total Cells Rna Placenta

Norefal Total Cells Rna Placenta

Placenta has been used for centuries across the continents by the East, West and South Americans for it's wide range of anti-aging and healing properties. Placenta contains natural thermasensitive elements which are actively maintained and biochemically analyzed as Amino Acids, beta-Glabulines, Proteins, Enzyms, Vitamins, Mineral Salts and reducing sugar. Placenta stimulates cell respiration, promoting the physiological function of Organism, increases the resisting properties of countering aggressions and thereby stimulating the regeneration of suffering cells.

Placenta could provide source of Therapeutic Stem Cells. Routinely discarded as medical waste, placental tissue could feasibly provide an abundant source of cells with the same potential to treat diseases and regenerate tissues as their more controversial counterparts, embryonic stem cells. A part of the placenta called the amnion, or the outer membrane of the amniotic sac, comprises cells that have strikingly similar characteristics to embryonic stem cells, including the ability to express two key genes that give embryonic stem cells their unique capability for developing into any kind of specialized cell, Pitt School of Medicine study published in the journal Stem Cells.

The RNA Difference
Our manufacturing process creates a totally purified product. There is no pain on injection. Pain upon injection is due to pH and molarity differences between the tissue that is injected and the preparation. Rna products are very compatible with regard to these two criterias.

It has been proved that in every tissue structurally different different ribonucleic acids (Rna) - the composition of which is dependent upon desoxyribonucleic acids - control the biosynthesis of the organospecific proteins. The Rna function like matrixes, so that the amino acids are brought into correct position relative to each other. Ribonucleic acids of the kidney, for instance, build up renal protein, whereas ribonucleic acids of the pancreas synthesize pancreatic protein, etc. The importance of the ability to regenerate all tissues to life and health is proved by the fact that the tissue proteins must be replaced by new ones about every six months, a fact that has been corroborated by isotope experiments. The protein biosynthesis is of crucial importance. If the Rna is destroyed in tissue cultures, all growth ceases. Growth will however start again when organotropic Rna is added to the culture fluid.

The Comparison Between RNA Products With All Other Pooled Extracts (or liquid extracts) :
The manufacturing process of other pooled extracts (or liquid extracts) lacked the all important activating substances for biological efficacy. In short, rendering a process that leaves nothing in the product but a mix of amino acids. Such manufacturing methods employed are consistently destroying all proteinaceous material of the embryo or placental tissue and even the placental poly peptides (including most of the important enzymes and biological substances that are responsible for the clinical efficacy of placental extract).

Product Descriptions:
This Norefal Total Cells Rna Placenta is originally imported from Switzerland. Each box contain 10 ampoules x 5ml .

One 5ml ampoule approximately contains 800mg extraction of ribonucleic acids (Rna) from the ribosomes and nucleus of living cells by special patented technology from embryonic or fetal animal tissue from liver, spleen, kidney, heart, intima and cerebral cortex (foetal), placenta, testis, ovary, suprarenal, cortex, hypothalamus of young animals eg. sheeps and ribonucleic acid from yeast.

  • Rejuvenation
  • Regeneration of connective tissue with improvement in the vitality and elasticity of the skin
  • Skin complexion improvements
  • Wound healing
  • Promote radiance & glow on the skin
  • Youth and beauty
  • Anti-inflammatory disorders
  • Menstrual Irregularities
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Immunotropic
  • Regulate menopausal problems
  • Speeds up recovery after childbirth
  • Collagen synthesis in fibroblast cells (to reduce scars formation)
  • Post operation
  • Anti-aging
  • Geriatric troubles
  • Senile incretory involution
  • General signs of over-straining
  • Increased resistance
  • Maintenance of potential strength and vitality
Recommended Dosage:
1 ampoule every 2 days. 3 times a week.

The injection is made intramuscularly, generally into the upper external quadrant of the gluteus. It can be administered as out-patient treatment. Confinement to bed is not necessary. In age complaints without certain specific organ emphasis, a Mono therapy with 20 ampoules is sufficient. One obtains thereby a revitalization effect in the entire system, including in most cases, a clear improvement of memory and recall ability.

* Gout (disturbance of the purine metabolism)
* Pregnancy
* Lactation

Specific Notations:
Antibiotics (for inflammatory bacterial diseases and septic processes), whose mode of action originates from an inhibition of the protein biosynthesis, treatment with cylostatic drugs (immunity suppression) and high-energy (ionising) rays may reduce the efficacy of Rna.

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Placentex Integro Pomata

Placentex Integro Pomata

Placenta Integro is Italy's most famous high-end products, by the former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's love, for the reputation of David, the 2004 Athens Summer Olympic Games after the rich that he had purchased a large number of sub-Placenta give Integro Italian athletes.

Placenta Integro can slow down human aging, immune regulation, anti-fatigue, and inhibit tumor.

Long-term use is an effective way to improve the people's passive immunity to improve the quality of sleep, constipation improve and enhance sexual function, improve skin elasticity, thickness and gloss


  • Sub-health groups to help quickly added strength
The fast-paced modern life fatigue was caused by fatigue, energy failing, a long time to appear on the air damage sperm loss, malnutrition, the body too much accumulation of metabolites of the sub-healthy state.

Placenta Integro can enhance the vitality of human cells against free radicals in the body of the violations, speed up the metabolism of the body's excretion of waste. At the same time to add a variety of essential nutrients and energy, so that the body quickly to restore vitality to improve the sub-healthy state.
  • To improve digestion and absorption of gastrointestinal function
Placenta Integro rich in nutrients, the digestive system to enhance the vitality of cells, organs, improving digestion and absorption of gastrointestinal function. .
In addition, Integro Placenta of liver cells have to repair and strengthen the role in order to strengthen a wide range of liver enzymes, amino acids, nutrients such as protein synthesis, and promote the human body for the effective use of a variety of nutrients.

  • Removal of free radicals in the body to regulate the endocrine, beauty beauty
Integro Placenta contains a variety of anti-beauty factor, remove free radicals in the body to regulate the endocrine, blood circulation, strengthen the vitality of cells. So that the body remain in a positive state of balance and enhance the function of organs, skin aging delay, so rosy and fair complexion.
  • To strengthen health and improve immunity.
Natural not to add any artificial ingredients Integro Placenta, rich in immunoglobulins and other antibodies, interleukin value-added, T cells, monocytes enhanced macrophage function, so that the resulting anti-human infection, improve cell metabolism.

Features to speed up post-natal wound healing after restoration of with the physical, fit and healthy at the same time on a variety of diseases, the prevention of a very good effect.
  • To enhance memory and improve sleep.
Placenta Integro brain contains elements that provide a variety of brain activities necessary nutrients. It will not only strengthen the function of brain cells, can activate the degradation of the aging brain cells, so for insomnia, memory can play better. In addition, from the young and began to pay attention to the health of the brain, but also the prevention of diseases such as Alzheimer's.
  • The comprehensive improvement of female menopause symptoms.
Menopause syndrome mainly by the female hormone secretion caused by the lack of, in a sense is also a kind of endocrine disorders. Modern treatment in vitro complement to the main hormone-based, but generally agreed that after 60 years of age should not be used. Placenta Integro menopausal women can promote the secretion of hormones to alleviate symptoms of menopause. If in a few years ago to start taking menopause, or even delayed the arrival of menopause.
  • Cardiovascular protection, the prevention of many diseases
Cardiovascular disease is a threat to the health of the elderly in the primary enemy of. With the aging of the people because that's significantly lower metabolic function, there are always high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, stroke, stroke disease, and so on.

Integro can be integrated Placenta conditioning, improving microcirculation, so that blood flow and lower blood viscosity and liver, the heart muscle LPO content, improve the activity of SOD, effectively blocking free radicals on the cardiovascular damage.

At the same time, the high-density lipoprotein, can reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, in order to better cardiovascular protection.

Dosage and method of administration:
Placentex Integro is for IM injection. Recommended are a series of 1 ampoules per injection 2 times a week.

Product Description:
This Placentex Integro is originally imported from Italy. Each box contains 10 ampoules x 3ml & 1 tube 25g placenta cream.

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Heel Embryonic Live Cell Extract

Heel Embryonic Live Cell Extract

Heel Live Cell Extract noticeably rejuvenates skin and increases vitality in life, It effectively activates aging cells, enhances metabolic function and stimulates T-Lymphocyte to enhance immunity and revitalizes the body's defense mechanism. It is also helps to prevent aging of all types of the body's cells, skin eruptions and many other metabolic diseases.

Heel Live Cell Extract will effectively stimulate the cell or specific organ systems concerned with obesity arthritis, chronic fatigue, asthma, degenerative brain, osteoporosis, circulatory disturbances, sexual dysfunction, male impotence, diabetes mellitus, hormonal disturbances, skin eruptions and many other metabolic disease.

DNA contained in Heel Live Cell Extract can repair the human gene by preventing expansion of the genetic code that causes human premature aging, thus effectively prolonging youthfulness from inside to outside. It also contains various active factors that accelerate the composition pf Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Fibre. Hyaluronic Acid possesses good hydrophilicity, thus maintaining adequate moisture in the skin to promote body skin firmness and elasticity, which helps reduce wrinkles and leaves the skin more smooth, elastic and radiant.

Heel Live Cell Extract also contains a high concentration of SOD (Super- Oxide Dismutase), which in healthy young individuals causes the division of cells to take place regularly in an energetic and balanced bio terrains. It also help to decompose 'free radicals' which is one of the main causes of body & skin aging, restoring vigor to the body's cells, prevents unhealthy melanin production, premature weakness and reduce aging phenomenons.

Heel Live Cell Extract comes in hand to speed up, repair, rejuvenates and enhance...

Placenta Extract 1.6mg
Thiamine Nitrate 0.7mg
Niacin 4mg
Ascorbic Acid 40mg
Riboflavin 0.7mg
Iodine 75mg
Calcium Pantothenate 3mg
Folic acid 100mcg

Embryo Live Cell extract, Nucleic Acid, Amino Acid, Immune Globulin, EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), ERF (Epidermal Repair Factor), Pellicle Growth Factor and SOD (Super-Oxide Dismutase), Arbutin

Dosage and method of administration:

Heel Embryonic Live Cell Extract solutions for IM injection in 2ml Ampoule pack of 10 ampoules. Recommended are a series of 3 ampoules per injection 3 times a week. Then for maintenance, use a series of 3 ampoules per injection once a week. Effects can be seen as fast as first injection but are highly dependent on the individual's age and health conditions.

60 ampoules are considered as one course of treatment.

Product Description:
This Heel Embryonic Live Cell Extract is originally imported from Switzerland. Each box contains 10 ampoules x 2ml.

Price : Please contact for price quoting. 

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