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Monday, February 1, 2010

Gerovital Non Placental Anti-aging Therapy / Gerovital 全身抗衰老疗程

Non Placental Anti-aging Therapy Procaine Hydrochloride 

Based on Procaine, Gerovital H3 (or GH3 on short), has been discovered by a Romanian doctor, Prof. Dr Ana Aslan at the National Geriatric Institute in Bucharest, the capital City of Romania, in early fifties.

Being the first anti-aging therapy, Aslan's GH3 reduces free radical activity preventing damage to DNA and cellular membrane. The enhanced cellular bioenergetics optimizes ATP, the body's universal energy molecule. It also normalizes brain neuro-transmitting balance to help normalize chronobiological rhythms.

How it works to protect our cells? 

Professor Aslan, the procaine founder, has concluded that Gerovital H3 (or GH3) works at ‘the cellular level' in our body. The process of cell cycle when a person grows is:

After birth - Proliferation of new cells and some cells commence to die. The body entirely undergoes differentiation of cellular organization or getting more complex.

Age of twenties - Formation of new cells and the dying of old ones is in a balance state.

Age of thirties - A person is losing more cells than they are gaining and there is a decline in overall health condition and efficiency. At this age, the entire body or brain function begins to deteriorate.

Procaine hydrochloride, being the active ingredient in GH3 consisting of two substances that found naturally in the body. So, at a glance it is not belongs to any pharmaceutical drugs which cause undesirable side effects.

The two substances, namely PABA and DEAE are belonging to the group of Vitamin B complex.

When combined with these two substances are infinitely more beneficial than their separate parts and this in fact gave rise to the description ‘H3' which was coined to describe the powerful factor in the procaine molecule. When procaine molecules break down into its constituent parts (PABA and DEAE) in intestine, these ingredients are absorbed and play vitally important roles prior to final metabolism.

PABA stimulates beneficial intestinal flora to produce vitamin K and B and also essential Folic Acid, while DEAE helps generate choline and acetycholine essential for the effective functioning of the spleen, liver, brain and nerve synapses.

By working at the cellular level GH3 has been seen to have the ability to influence both body and brain in a wide variety of ways.

Also, it increases the oxygen content of the red corpuscles up to 30%. Essentially this strengthens the immune systems and resistance to infection of any type.

Patients who treated with GH3 at some period of time have been observed to respond beneficially on the following diseases/disorders/ailments: 

- Arthritis
- Migraine
- Abnormal blood pressure
- Peptic ulcers
- Acne or pimples
- Parkinson's disease
- Hodgkinson's disease
- Multiple sclerosis
- Arteriosclerosis
- Sickle cell anemia
- Hypoglycemia
- Hypertension
- Hypotension
- Diabetes
- Herpes
- Bad circulatory system
- Heart disease
- Angina pectoris
- Osteoporosis
- Impotence
- Frigidity
- Liver spots
- Varicose veins
- Grey hair and balding
- Wrinkles and fine lines
- Asthenia
- Edema
- Emphysema
- Neuralgia
- Excessive cholesterol 

- Aging ailments such as decreased sexual desire, tiredness, erectile dysfunction, depressions, and common cough and cold

Procaine Hydrochloride 0.1000g
Benzoic Acid 0.0060g
Potassium Metabisulfite 0.0050g
Disodium Phosphate 0.0005g

This Gerovital is originally imported from Romania. Each box contains 5 x 5ml .

Specific allergy to procaine Adverse reactions: No adverse reactions have been recorded. With procaine sensitive persons, the following phenomena may however appear; cephalea, shaking, bradycardia or tachycardia, motor or psychic restlessness, allergic reactions.

Gerovital H3 should not be administered simultaneously with sulphonamides (inactivation), eserine or prostigmine.

Parentally - 1 intramuscular injection (IM) three times a week, over a period of 4 weeks. The treatment should be repeated after an intermission of 1 to 2 months. Storage: At room temperature and avoid from light and humidity.

Price : Please contact for price quoting.

Gerovital 全身抗衰老疗程

普魯卡因的基礎上,Gerovital H3(或GH3),被一位羅馬尼亞醫生發現,Prof. Dr Ana Aslan 在國家老年研究所,在布加勒斯特,羅馬尼亞首都城市,在50年代初。

作為第一個抗衰老藥物,Aslan's 的GH3減少自由基的活性,防止DNA損傷和細胞膜。增強細胞 ATP的生物能量優化,身體的宇宙能量分子。它也恢復正常大腦的神經傳輸平衡,以幫助正常化時間生物學的節奏。

Professor Aslan 普魯卡因創始人,得出的結論是Gerovital H3(或GH3)在我們身體的'細胞水平上'工作。這是當一個人成長的過程的細胞週期:

出生後 - 新細胞的擴散和一些細胞開始死亡。身體完全經歷分化的細胞組織或變得更加複雜。

年齡在20歲 - 新細胞的形成。旧是在一个平衡状态和消亡。

年齡 30多歲 - 正在失去更多的細胞比他們獲得的,整體的健康狀況和效率下降。在這個年齡,整個身體或大腦功能開始惡化。


這兩種物質,即對氨基苯甲酸和DEAE是屬於維生素 B組。


氨基苯甲酸利於刺激腸道菌群產生維生素 K和B也是至關重要的葉酸,而離子交換幫助生成膽鹼和乙酰膽鹼必不可少的有效運作,脾,肝,腦和神經突觸。


此外,它增加了氧含量的紅色血球高達 30%。本質上這增強人體免疫系統和抗感染任何類型。

患者治療 GH3 誰在某個時期的時間已經觀察益回應對下列疾病/失調 /疾病:

- 關節炎
- 偏頭痛
- 血壓異常
- 消化性潰瘍
- 粉刺或青春痘
- 帕金森氏症
- 金森氏症
- 多發性硬化症
- 動脈硬化
- 鐮狀細胞性貧血
- 低血糖
- 高血壓
- 低血壓
- 糖尿病
- 皰疹
- 錯誤的循環系統
- 心髒病
- 心絞痛
- 骨質疏鬆症
- 陽痿
- 性冷淡
- 黑斑
- 靜脈曲張
- 灰色的頭髮和禿頂
- 皺紋和細紋
- 脾虛
- 水腫
- 肺氣腫
- 神經痛
- 過多的膽固醇
- 老化疾病,如性慾減退,疲倦,勃起功能障礙,窪地,咳和感冒


這 Gerovital是原裝進口來自羅馬尼亞。每箱5 ×毫升。

具體普魯卡因過敏的不良反應:無不良反應,已被記錄。普魯卡因敏感的人,但以下現象可能會出現; 頭,搖晃,心動過緩或心動過速,電機或心理不安,過敏反應。

Gerovital H3不應該治理的同時磺胺(失),依色林或 Prostigmine。

4週内,1 肌肉注射(IM)每週 3次。


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