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Friday, June 25, 2010

Norefal Total Cells Rna Placenta

Norefal Total Cells Rna Placenta

Placenta has been used for centuries across the continents by the East, West and South Americans for it's wide range of anti-aging and healing properties. Placenta contains natural thermasensitive elements which are actively maintained and biochemically analyzed as Amino Acids, beta-Glabulines, Proteins, Enzyms, Vitamins, Mineral Salts and reducing sugar. Placenta stimulates cell respiration, promoting the physiological function of Organism, increases the resisting properties of countering aggressions and thereby stimulating the regeneration of suffering cells.

Placenta could provide source of Therapeutic Stem Cells. Routinely discarded as medical waste, placental tissue could feasibly provide an abundant source of cells with the same potential to treat diseases and regenerate tissues as their more controversial counterparts, embryonic stem cells. A part of the placenta called the amnion, or the outer membrane of the amniotic sac, comprises cells that have strikingly similar characteristics to embryonic stem cells, including the ability to express two key genes that give embryonic stem cells their unique capability for developing into any kind of specialized cell, Pitt School of Medicine study published in the journal Stem Cells.

The RNA Difference
Our manufacturing process creates a totally purified product. There is no pain on injection. Pain upon injection is due to pH and molarity differences between the tissue that is injected and the preparation. Rna products are very compatible with regard to these two criterias.

It has been proved that in every tissue structurally different different ribonucleic acids (Rna) - the composition of which is dependent upon desoxyribonucleic acids - control the biosynthesis of the organospecific proteins. The Rna function like matrixes, so that the amino acids are brought into correct position relative to each other. Ribonucleic acids of the kidney, for instance, build up renal protein, whereas ribonucleic acids of the pancreas synthesize pancreatic protein, etc. The importance of the ability to regenerate all tissues to life and health is proved by the fact that the tissue proteins must be replaced by new ones about every six months, a fact that has been corroborated by isotope experiments. The protein biosynthesis is of crucial importance. If the Rna is destroyed in tissue cultures, all growth ceases. Growth will however start again when organotropic Rna is added to the culture fluid.

The Comparison Between RNA Products With All Other Pooled Extracts (or liquid extracts) :
The manufacturing process of other pooled extracts (or liquid extracts) lacked the all important activating substances for biological efficacy. In short, rendering a process that leaves nothing in the product but a mix of amino acids. Such manufacturing methods employed are consistently destroying all proteinaceous material of the embryo or placental tissue and even the placental poly peptides (including most of the important enzymes and biological substances that are responsible for the clinical efficacy of placental extract).

Product Descriptions:
This Norefal Total Cells Rna Placenta is originally imported from Switzerland. Each box contain 10 ampoules x 5ml .

One 5ml ampoule approximately contains 800mg extraction of ribonucleic acids (Rna) from the ribosomes and nucleus of living cells by special patented technology from embryonic or fetal animal tissue from liver, spleen, kidney, heart, intima and cerebral cortex (foetal), placenta, testis, ovary, suprarenal, cortex, hypothalamus of young animals eg. sheeps and ribonucleic acid from yeast.

  • Rejuvenation
  • Regeneration of connective tissue with improvement in the vitality and elasticity of the skin
  • Skin complexion improvements
  • Wound healing
  • Promote radiance & glow on the skin
  • Youth and beauty
  • Anti-inflammatory disorders
  • Menstrual Irregularities
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Immunotropic
  • Regulate menopausal problems
  • Speeds up recovery after childbirth
  • Collagen synthesis in fibroblast cells (to reduce scars formation)
  • Post operation
  • Anti-aging
  • Geriatric troubles
  • Senile incretory involution
  • General signs of over-straining
  • Increased resistance
  • Maintenance of potential strength and vitality
Recommended Dosage:
1 ampoule every 2 days. 3 times a week.

The injection is made intramuscularly, generally into the upper external quadrant of the gluteus. It can be administered as out-patient treatment. Confinement to bed is not necessary. In age complaints without certain specific organ emphasis, a Mono therapy with 20 ampoules is sufficient. One obtains thereby a revitalization effect in the entire system, including in most cases, a clear improvement of memory and recall ability.

* Gout (disturbance of the purine metabolism)
* Pregnancy
* Lactation

Specific Notations:
Antibiotics (for inflammatory bacterial diseases and septic processes), whose mode of action originates from an inhibition of the protein biosynthesis, treatment with cylostatic drugs (immunity suppression) and high-energy (ionising) rays may reduce the efficacy of Rna.

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