Saturday, October 30, 2010

Norefal Placenta Oil + Vitamin E

This product only supply in bulk. Minimum order 20 bottle.

Norefal Placenta Oil + Vitamin E

Norefal is renowned for its unique Swiss Cell Therapeutic products. With advance bio-technological research and development, you are assured of superb product unrivalled in quality and innovation.

Norefal Placenta Oil + Vitamin E, is a unique silky lotion that is specially formulated to provide extra nutrition to all skin types. When used daily, it will keep your skin smooth and supple and helps rejuvenate its overall appearance.
  • REGENERATES dermal tissues and regains skin firmness and suppleness.
  • TRANSPORTS active substances into the skin to protect the cellular membrane from free-radical induced damages while moisturising.
  • ACCELERATES the regeneration of new skin cells, making the skin soft and supple with a natural glow again.
Usage :
* Snip tip of gel cap
* Apply 1 or 2 times daily on face and neck/body after cleansing
* Store in cool dry place

Main Ingredients :
Ovine Placenta Oil, Water, Tocopherol, Fragrance. 

Price : Please contact for price quoting.

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