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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Placenta Lexmo ( Sheep ) / 瑞士Lexmo胎盤素

Placenta Lexmo ( Sheep )

Cell Therapy starts with the selection of specific organ cells from a fetal animal-bred specifically for this purpose. Throughout many years of research and development, it was proved that sheep are the best donor animals because their vitality, robust immune systems and natural disease resistance.

Sheep proteins are particularly compatible with the human body and trigger no immune reactions or side-effects . In Live "Cell Therapy", these vigorous young cells, with their vital life force still active, are injected into a human host. Since fetal cells have no antigens, they are not recognized as foreign cells by the host body. According to Dr. Niehans' proven theory, they circulate from site of injection until they recognize and congregate at the human counterpart of the organ from which they were taken (liver cells go to the liver, sex cells go to the sexual organs, heart cells go the heart etc).These relatively young cells which are a functional organ specific, but not species specific, imprint their vigor upon old, tired and degenerating cells, stimulating them to function with renewed efficiency. The organ, itself, retains its vigor and vitality.

In addition to general body revitalization, health maintenance and life extension, "Cell Therapy" will effectively stimulate the cells of specific organ systems, concerned with obesity arthritis, chronic fatigue, asthma, degenerative brain disease, osteoporosis, circulatory disturbances, sexual dysfunction, male impotence, diabetes, mellitus, hormonal disturbances, skins eruptions, and many other metabolic diseases. Your face and body will also look younger and healthier in texture and color, the body physically fitter and more flexible.

Some physicians feel that the most important result of "Cell Therapy" is the revitalization of the body immune system & defense mechanisms. When damage occurs to the cells that make up the various tissues and organs involved in the immune systems (either through the aging process or from environmental poisons), the body becomes defenseless against both external invasion and internal degeneration. However, the damage to the organs of the immune system may be reversed through revitalization & regeneration with "Cell Therapy". These new and energetic fresh cells act quickly and effectively to stimulate the body's defense mechanism. There is enormous interest in the use of this therapy to dramatically slow down the aging process and regain health, vitality and physical well-being. All of us want to live a long life and no one wants to grow old!

Lexmo Placenta of Switzerland is NOT a DRUG and does not contain any chemicals or additives. It is a sole nutritional supplement branded by many as the 'Rolls Royce of all nutritional supplements'. Lexmo placenta is totally safe and can be used in conjunction with any other vitamins or nutritional supplements.

Ingredients Composition:
Each ampoule contains 25% of biomolecularprotein free, fat free, BSE free, pryogen free Live Cell extraits. ( 2 ml contains amino acid, peptodes, nucleic acid, collagen, cytokines, cell activators over 500mg, vitamin etc.)

Quality Standard Assurance:
Lexmo Swiss Live Cell Extraits injectables are prepared under very advanced biotechnology. The large molecules of fats, protein, hormones etc, are all removed. Strict test on viruses including recent BSE and traditional prious, pryogen, antibiotics, heavy mental testing and pesticides detections are engaged by professional specialty laboratories and responsible officials. These extraits material are extracted without any killing or cruelty on the animals, which are specially raised for medical use. They are BSE tested prious free by approved specialty research institutes. The quality and effects Lexmo Swiss Extraits Live cell injectables are guaranteed through the strictest and highest quality control.

Recommended Treatment:
Inject 1~2 ampoules every 3 days, to be finished within 3 month (30 ampoules as full course). Maintain 8~10 year young and healthy life.

Not Recommended:
During pregnancy stages.

Anti-aging, beauty, vitality, fatty liver, apoplexy, chloasma, insomnia, skin ulcers, diabetes, mellitus, regenerate immunity, enhanced re-growth of heart, spleen, kidneys and geriatic complaints.

There has been no symptoms or signs resulting from over dosage that has been received nor reported to date. 

Product Description:
This Placenta Lexmo is originally imported from Switzerland. Each box contains 10 ampoules x 2.2ml.

Injection Method:
This product is administered by Intramuscular (IM).

Price : Please contact for price quoting.

Heel Skin Whitening

Heel Skin Whitening

The advanced technical research has the discovery permission skin to heal alone by causes and stimulates the cell renewal to recover, the skin by maintains it to be fair, beautiful and a young recent convention.

This convention help maintains a time of smoothness, the young appearance by improves the skin elasticity. The repetition treatment is is importantly fairer for the maintenance, even color, tone and happy skin texture.

L- cysteine HCL 75mg
Choline 60mg
Selenium 50mcg
Zinc 7.5mg
Phaseomannite 50mg
Panthothenic 75mg
Manganese 1.75mg

Product Description:
This Heel Skin Whitening is originally imported from Swiss. Each box contains 10 ampoules x 2ml.

Recommended Dosage:
2 ampoules 1 or 2 injection every week for 1 or 2 months (*depends to your body metabolism). Then can reduce the dosage to 1 injection every 2 weeks for maintainance.

Injection Method:
This product is administered by intravenously (IV)

Not Suitable For:
- Breast feeder.
- Injection on women period.
- Allergy to vitamin (any kind).
- Patient with cardiovascular problem

Price : Please contact for price quoting.

Biome G-Alpha Whitening Essential

Biome G-Alpha Whitening Essential

Biome G-Alpha Whitening Essential is a new Glutathione with Alpha Lipoic Acid. Alpha Lipoic Acid will help glutathione that injected to our body works better and allow more whitening effect. Biome G-Alpha will give more whitening satisfaction


  • It is a protein (amino acid) molecule which is important as our body antioxidant, immune system booster and detoxifier
  • It presents in every cell to promote normal function as maintaining the immune system
  • One of the master antioxidant that mostly found in liver
  • It eliminates toxic compound (such as Paracetamol) in liver reconstitutes vitamin C and E which is being oxidized
  • Combine taking with vitamin c injection greatly enhance your immunity, reduces tiredness, more youthful skin and stay healthy
  • Fights against the cancer, heart disease, premature aging, autoimmune disease and chronic illness


  • Strong anti-oxidant to remove excess free radicals that will cause abnormal function of brain and organs.
  • Treats neurodegenerative symptoms such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, stroke, irritate bowel and chronic fatigue.
  • Reconstitutes the function of Vitamin C and E especially taken along with Vitamin C injection.
  • Greatly reduce acne/blemish/pimple.
  • Long term treatment for smokers and drinkers.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant, and is widely used in prevention of various diseases. Its main function is to increase production of glutathione, which helps dissolve toxic substances in the liver. An antioxidant helps neutralize free radicals in our bodies and protects our cells from damage. A free radical is an unstable molecule that tries to steal electrons from other molecules, thus causing damage. Smoking, pollution, car exhaust, fried foods are some sources of free radicals.

Alpha Lipoic Acid can be found in foods such as meats, and veggies (ie. spinach). Alpha Lipoic Acid is also easily absorbed into the blood stream, and it can also cross the blood brain barrier.

Alpha Lipoic Acid Benefits:
Alpha Lipoic Acid has many benefits, and all types of people will benefit from taking ALA. ALA will be even more beneficial for individuals with some of the following conditions: 

  • Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Metabolic Syndrome (high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol)
  • Peripheral Neuropathy (caused by diabetes and other conditions, such as Lyme disease, alcoholism, shingles, thyroid disease and kidney failure)
  • Diabetes (improving glucose metabolism and helping diabetics utilize insulin better)
  • Liver Disease
  • Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer (increasing long-term survival)
  • Impaired Brain Function (as a treatment for stroke and other brain disorders involving free radical damage, including Alzheimer's disease)
  • Effects of Aging (improving blood flow and enhancing immune function, restoring levels of glutathione, a protective antioxidant and detoxification compound)
  • Degenerative Diseases (ALA is a strong anti-inflammatory agent)
  • Glaucoma and Cataracts

There is a long list of benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid, some have even gone as far to call it the "ideal antioxidant". Below are some benefits of taking alpha lipoic acid. 

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid helps make vitamin C and E works better. 
  • ALA is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals. 
  • It's easily absorbed either from food eaten or from supplements. 
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid helps increase glutathione which helps with detoxification. 
  • It helps protect the lens and retina of your eyes from degeneration and also helps alleviate glaucoma. 
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid is used to treat and detox liver.

Obviously, the 2 biggest benefits from supplementing Alpha Lipoic Acid is a powerful antioxidant properties, and its ability to help increase Glutathione levels which plays a big role in dissolving toxic substances in the liver.

Product Description:
This Biome G-Alpha Whitening Essential is originally imported from UK. Each box contains 10 x 900mg of Glutathione and 10 x 1250mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid/5ml.

Recommended Dosage:
One or two ampoules/injection every week for 1 or 2 months (*depends to your body metabolism). Then can reduce the dosage to 1 injection every 2 weeks for maintainance. Suggest inject with Vitamin C + Collagen to get best result.

Injection Method:
This product is administered by intravenously (IV)

Not Suitable For: 

- Breast feeder.
- Injection on women period.
- Allergy to vitamin (any kind).
- Patient with cardiovascular problem

Price : Please contact for price quoting. 

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