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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Placenta Lucchini Platinum

The Sovereigns’ Indulgence : The Noble and the Famous
Biological aging is inevitable after the age of 30. This is only natural and no one can escape from the process. Throughout history, it has been mankind’s relentless pursuit to prolong youth and preserve beauty. There are many theories on the aging process. Fundamentally it is simply due to the internal as well as external harmful elements that cause damage to our body cells at a rate that is faster that the cells’ ability to recover from such damage and harm.

There is a lavish selection of anti-aging products on the market these recent years; and the most outstanding and established one would have to be Placenta related Therapy.

Placenta Therapy, with its long known name as “fountain of youth” was much sought after by the noble worldwide.

It is also the secret recipe among the rich and famous, politicians and financially able people to maintain their youthful bloom and improve their quality of life.

Hong Kong’s [The Eastern Daily] reported, previous Prime Minister of the Great Britain, Lady Margaret Thatcher, would take time out of her busy schedule to take a trip to Switzerland for Placenta Injection on a yearly basis. Rock Star Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, Hong Kong movie stars such as Alan Tam, Brigitte Lin, Maggie Cheung and media tycoon Shaw Run Run are among the ardent fans of Placenta Treatment.

[Voice Village], United States’ largest daily, published an article on Placenta themed “Beauty is no longer a dream”.
The media Giant, [Newsweek], gave a detailed report titled “ The Miracle of Placenta” describing the wonders of Placenta Therapy namely its efficacy of anti-aging, whitening, reduction of pigmentation, restoration of hormonal balance, delaying the onset of menopause and more.

Packing :
30 x 5ml.

Dosage and Administration : 1 injection per ampoule every week.

Price : Please contact for price quoting. 

Bio Swiss Bio-Celergen Stem Cell

Bio Swiss Celergen stem cell for anti aging.

Eternal-youth seekers have great reason to cheer with the revelations of science about stems cells from Bio Swiss Celergen the anti-aging effects is gives. Evidence is increasingly coming to the forefront that regenerative properties of stem cells can cure many age-related complications and delay aging.

Stem cells found in our body are non-specific cells without having any tissue-specific structure. They can easily replicate themselves to form specific cells like heart muscle cells, blood cells, sperm cells, nerve cells etc. and perform specific functions. This regeneration property makes combination of bio Swiss celergen stem cells ideal for anti-aging therapy.

With aging, the cells of the body begin to decay. They lose their ability to regenerate and repair tissue. Changes begin to show on the skin; the internal organs such as the heart, the sex glands, the immune system etc. begin to lose their functional efficiency. At this point, you begin to look and feel aged.

Aging also sets in a number of diseases like arthritis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart complications, and even cancer. Most of them can be traced to deficiencies in the cellular level. For example, the beta cells in the pancreas become less effective and secrete less insulin, a condition that triggers diabetes. Again, the nerve cells become weak and harbor Parkinson’s disease.

Research is now showing that Bios Swiss Celergen stem cells can stall the progress of some of these diseases by replicating into specific cells and replacing the damaged cells in the body and restoring the vitality and functionality of the organs. In fact, stem cells can also be developed outside the body under laboratory conditions and later transplanted in the defective area of the organ to give back the organ its functional efficiency. Because of this stem cells anti-aging property, cosmetic formulations based on stem cell regenerative therapy are increasingly coming to the market to halt the mark of aging on the skin and restore its youthful glow.


Embryonic stem Cells                     1250mg
Equiv to Stem Cell Extract                250mg
Thiamine Hydrochloride                    100mg
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride                      5mg
Cystein                                               0.5mg
Copper Peptide                                 125mg
Glycine                                                  3mg

Myosin                                             22.5mg
Kinesin                                            250mcg
Collagen                                             50mg

Amino Acids
L-Lysine                                             3.5mg
L-Glutamine                                          3mg
L-Glutatione                                      120mg
L-Arginine                                       165mcg
L-Leucine                                              2mg
L-Alanine                                           1.5mg
L-Histanine                                      143mcg

Calcium                                              15mg
Sodium                                                1mg
Potassium                                      250mcg
Iron                                                      1mg
Zinc                                                 1.35mg

1 or 2 ampoules to be injected IM 2 to 3 times a week.

Packing : 1ml x 20 ampoules

Price : Please contact for price quoting.

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